Acne scarring

Even after the acne has been treated, it can leave behind acne scarring and uneven skin tone. Dr Grace and team has the experience and training to be able to offer the best acne scarring solutions, leaving your skin glowing and flawless. Chemical Peels M22 IPL/Laser Micro-needling HydraFacial


Pigmentation of the skin can be caused by a number of factors including illness, injury, medication, sun exposure and age. At Dr Grace Kelly aesthetic clinic Gerrards Cross, we can treat these areas off pigmentation to maintain a flawless skin tone. Obagi Medical Skin care range Obagi Chemical peel HydraFacial M22 IPL/Laser Micro-needling Zo Skin Care range

Skin rejuvenation

Our age and lifestyle can take its toll on our skin. At Our Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards Cross Skin rejuvation clinic we offer the latest technologies to allow effective skin rejuvenation


Acne is a common skin condition that affects most people at some point in their life, and while more common in teenagers, it can affect many adults as well. It causes spots, oily skin, and can sometimes lead to scarring and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. There are different types of acne including whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, nodules, and cystic lesions. Acne can be hereditary but also can be caused by other factors such as excess sebum (oil) production in the follicles and also bacteria and hormones. Acne most often affects the face, but it may spread to involve the neck, chest, and back. It can have a significant impact on your emotional well-being, especially if it results in scarring. Acne is a common condition we see in our clinic and one which responds well to treatment. Our therapists use a combination of medical grade skincare as well as lasers, and light therapy Chemical Peels M22 IPL/Laser Micro-needling HydraFacial

Prices may vary slightly according to specific patient needs but as a guide:


Smokers lines top lip

£280 1ml - additonal syringe - £200


Nose to mouth lines

£280 1ml - additonal syringe £200


Marionette lines / turn up downturned mouth corners

£290 1ml - additonal syringe - £200


Temple Filler

£320 - additonal syringe £200


Tear trough (under eye) filler

£350 1ml - additonal syringe - £200


Nose reshaping



Cheek filler

starts from £290


Chin Filler 

starts from £290


Jawline Filler 


Dermal filler facelift 


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