Chin dermal filler

Chin Enhancement

A weak chin is often associated with chin shapes that are slightly smaller or shorter and it can cause the upper lip to protrude out and there is often no neck to chin contour. Weak or recessive chin / jawlines are usually genetic and you will have been born with them but in some cases it can be the result of ageing or even injury where the jaw has been damaged. Our expert team of aesthetic doctors,  offers Chin augmentation dermal filler treatment to treat the chin by elongating and lengthening the chin area, adding definition to the face and adding more volume to create a more balanced facial profile.


Chin filler is a specialist technique and should only be performed by a qualified and experienced medical professional. Our team is highly experienced and undergone extensive training to ensure you receive the best and most natural looking results. 

Frequently asked questions

What to expect on day of treatment?

You will have had a consultation before your chin filler treatment to discuss what the treatment involves, your desired results and the complications and risks Arriving at the clinic, you will have numbing cream applied if required. Dr Grace Kelly may mark you up and use a cannula technique to help with the smooth contouring required to achieve a strong jaw line and to help reduce the risk of bruising. Dermal filler is injected into the area. The overall treatment is usually very quick 15-30 minutes and the majority of patients to do not feel pain. Dermal chin filler treatment is effective at improving the definition on the chin so it will appear more in-balance with the rest of the face, recede and overly prominent chin so it will be more in proportion with the face and fill in sunken areas in and around the chin as well as helping to lift the appearance of jowls that may have become more prominent with age and reduce any fine lines or wrinkles on the chin

How long will results last?

results can usually be seen immediately after treatment however swelling and bruising may be present to it is best to wait for this to settle to see the final results. Results from chin filler can last between 9 – 12 months

Is there any down time?

Pain after chin treatment is low and you should not be in too much discomfort. There may be some redness and/or swelling and it is advised that you do not partake in strenuous activity for 24 hours post treatment which includes expertise. It is also recommended that you avoid applying make-up to the area for 24 hours.