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Exilis Ultra

Exilis is the first device to simultaneously combine radiofrequency and ultrasound to tighten the skin and also address excess areas of fat on body areas.


It’s a non-invasive procedure without the pain or extensive recovery time associated with surgery. Exilis Ultra has been clinically proven to tighten skin and eliminate stubborn areas of fat.

BTL Exilis Ultra, radiofrequency & ultrasound Gerrards Cross

BTL’s Exilis offers a revolutionary non-invasive form of treatment to tighten skin, reduction of wrinkles and for the reshaping of targeted fat deposits from head to toe. It is the only device that simultaneously uses two popular technologies: ultrasound and radiofrequency.

If you’re bothered by saggy skin, the Exilis offers safe skin tightening benefits without the pain or extensive recovery time associated with surgery.

  • No needles

  • No anestheisa

  • No downtime

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Frequently asked questions

What conditions can Exilis ultra help with?

Exilis ultra treats a variety of skin and body concerns, including: Loose skin Fine lines and wrinkles Stubborn areas of fat Drooping skin around eyes Loss of firmness

How many treatments will i need?

We will tailor the best treatment plan based on your individual needs. Most patients undergo between 2 to 4 treatments scheduled on a weekly basis. Each treatment of a specific body part usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes. This can vary depending on the treated area, treated indication, and other factors.

Is there any downtime with this treatment?

There is no downtime associated with this treatment. Patients may expect a warm sensation during treatment, but this will not persist.

Is the exilis treatment safe?

The BTL EXILIS SYSTEM meets strict safety standards. The embedded Energy Flow Control system ensures that the exact amount of energy is delivered during the treatment. The integrated cooling allows your provider to target heat to proper skin depth to achieve the best results, while maintaining patient comfort, Exilis Ultra has been clinically proven to be safe an effective. It is FDA cleared for use in aesthetic procedures.

What is the BTL Exilis system?

The BTL EXILIS SYSTEM represents a wide range of non-invasive procedures treating both skin and fat on the whole body - from head to toe.

How can patients benifit from the procedure?

The BTL EXILIS SYSTEM helps our patients achieve more defined body areas, by reducing the fat bulges and smoother and tighter skin by affecting the skin collagen. When applied to the face the BTL EXILIS SYSTEM gives our patients a more youthful appearance by reducing the wrinkles, lifting and tightening the skin. Book your consultation today in our Gerrards Cross , Chalfont St Peter, skin tightening clinic.

Who is the right candidate?

The BTL EXILIS SYSTEM treatment is ideal for any adult patient looking for cosmetic improvement on their face and body.

What does the treatment feel like? Is it painful?

No, the treatment should not be painful. The BTL EXILIS SYSTEM provides the most advanced non-surgical solution, treating your face and body parts safely, efficiently, and without pain. Most patients describe the sensation of the therapy as being comparable to that of a hot stone massage. The treatment is performed in a lying position so you can easily relax during the procedure.

Are there any side effects?

The whole BTL EXILIS SYSTEM procedure is non-invasive and requires no recovery time. You can easily have the treatment during your lunch break and return to your daily activities immediately

How fast will i see results?

This very much depends on the treated area, its condition and other factors. You may see visible improvements after a single session. Results will typically improve over a 3-month follow up period.

Will i need to change my lifestyle or follow a defined diet?

After leaving our Gerrards Cross aesthetics clinic, You will not be required to exercise or alter your dietary habits. However, the treatment results can give you a head start to a better looking body. Many patients feel motivated to take care of themselves better when the procedure is over

What sets BTL exilis sysyem apart?

Many years of research and development have enabled us to deliver the only device of its kind that simultaneously applies the two very popular energies: radiofrequency and ultrasound. The combination ensures high patient satisfaction and comfort. Thanks to its built-in cooling, the BTL EXILIS SYSTEM offers a comfortable and safe therapy, able to precisely and efficiently target the desired tissue.

Where is your clnic located?

Our skin tightening & fat reduction aesthetics clinic is located in Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards Cross, just off the high road in a private location and a easy commute from near by towns such as, Chalfont St Giles, Little Chalfont, Amersham, Beaconsfield, Denham, Uxbridge, Iver, Iver Heath, High Wycombe, Chesham, Rickmansworth, Princes Risborough, Marlow, Ruislip, Ruislip Manor, Aylesbury and all surronding areas. A large public car park is located 50 yards from the Clinic.